Street Food

Colourful and bursting with flavour our street food will have your tastebuds dancing!

Everything on our menu is 100% plant-based, Mexican inspired, with a focus on wholesome, fresh and vibrant flavours. We make all our salsas, fillings and toppings from scratch. Hand roasting and grinding traditional Mexican ingredients like pasilla chillies, chile de arbol, cascabel, ancho and chipotle chillies into pastes that then form the base for our smoky black bean chilli, jackfruit tacos and salsas.

On The Menu

Tacos & Nachos - Jump To The Beet


Mix and match from the following, served on freshly prepared corn tortillas (naturally gluten free):

Wild Mushroom, pasilla chilli salsa, pico de gallo

Black Bean, Roasted Sweet Potato, Chipotle Mayo, Pink Onion

Pulled Jackfruit, Chipotle, Charred Mango Slaw, Cashew Cream



Topped with fresh veggies, guac and your choice of salsas, these fully loaded nachos are everything :).

Served with slow cooked, smoky black bean chilli, squash cheeze sauce, zesty guac, pico de gallo (fresh tomato salsa), sour cream, pickled chillies and habanero spiked pink onions.