Day 7 : Say Cheese!

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Cheese, glorious, glorious cheese. Any meal is a good excuse for a piece of cheesy goodness. If I had to bring only one thing with me on a desert island, it would be a good hunk of cheddar. But how can we make dairy-free alternatives?

Well today I got to make three vegan cheeses; Cheddar, Mozzarella (for our pizzas) and Brie. It turned out to be a lot of fun and was like setting foot in a science lab. For the mozzarella, soya milk, yeasts and oil were blended together, before being heated to 70 degrees, whisked furiously (I need more muscle) and then small teaspoons of the thickened mixture were dropped into icy water to form balls.

For the cheddars, a similar process was followed but we popped the cheese into cutters and cooled them down with a fan, before setting them in the fridge.

We were shown how to make the perfect pizza dough and sent to our creative stations to make our own with the freshly made mozzarella.

After making the pizzas, we were given 15 minutes to create the most eye catching cheese boards. Et voila, my pièce de résistance!


Our teacher, Jessica had pre-prepared a fig cheese (my favourite), and I loved the different fruits we had to hand to create eye-catching boards. However, taste wise, the cheeses didn’t compare with their dairy counterparts.

The pizzas, however, were marvellous and the mozzarella cheese worked a treat. If it could fool me, it could fool us all!


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